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Artist Statement

I first started painting in July of 2013 after being inspired by an exhibit of Australian Aboriginal art at the Toledo, Ohio Museum of Art. I felt an immediate kinship to the expression of their connection to the land and the spiritual realm and felt it moving and emotional. I felt like I had insight into the spirit of each artist and that they had tapped into and were expressing Universal Energy.

The simplicity of the paintings and the intentional placement of each dot on the canvas felt like a meditation and a capturing of divine energy itself.  I stood in front of their art with tears streaming down my face, the kinship so strong that I actually felt they were my paintings.  Within weeks, I started painting in the dot style and I cannot stop!

My work is all about the energetic connection to spirit, to other human beings, to nature, animals and all life forms.  My paintings depict energy flowing through matter, energy flowing through color and various energies playing together.  This energy around us is palpable, it is playful and it is important; it tells us who we are, where we are headed and about our connection to nature and to others, it is life affirming and life giving and connects us in our common feeling of divinity. 

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